Literature Review: Software Analysis and Design


  • Muhammad Nurdin Muhammad Nurdin Universitas Budi Luhur


Software Architecture Software Design Service Oriented Architecture Design Patterns


Software architecture and design is an important component in the software engineering field. This aspect of software engineering covers the functional and non-functional requirements of any system being proposed to be developed, while software architecture deals with non-functional requirements, software design entails the functional requirements.
The objective of this paper is to critically analyze current topics in Software architecture and design. The method of analysis involved the use of inclusion and exclusion criteria of papers published in journals and conferences. These papers were accessed from digital libraries like ScienceDirect, and IEEE explore, with a quantitative approach of analysis
been imbibed. From the analysis, the result showed that, of 35 papers used in analysis, 34.3% discussed stakeholders’ involvement and decisions in software design. 17.1% for design quality, 20% examined software reuse while 11.4% discussed software evaluation and 8.6% of papers reviewed discussed software management, evolution and software
development life cycle each which should be more focused as it is the fundamentals of software design and architecture. From the analysis derived, stakeholder’s involvement and decision in software design is an integral part in software building for effective use. Thereby making researchers dwell more on the topic. The least discussed topics was due to
the expectations of researchers. Expecting readers to have a fore knowledge of the fundamentals of design which includes software management, evolution and software development life cycle


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