Rancangan Sistem Informasi Gaji Karyawan


  • Nabil Fikri Winaji Budi Luhur University
  • Setyawan Widyarto


architectural design, data design, employee salary application, procedural design, SDD


SDD (Software Design Document) is the final result of the design process. SDD is an explanation of the results
of the design process which includes improvements to the design results to represent the software that is being built. This
document will discuss the SDD of the employee salary application which includes an introduction, implementation environment design, data design, architectural design, and procedural design. The design of the data is done by selecting the logistic representation of the object data and doing the module program. In this employee salary system application, the CDM can be described, and the functional decomposition of the module is divided into user data tables, employee data tables and salary data tables. Architectural design will be without program structure and data structure and define interfaces that read data can flow across all programs. The design procedure will be on yahoo which is detailed on the employee salary application which includes narrative announcements, interface descriptions, language design descriptions, and internal data structures.



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Winaji, N. F., & Widyarto, S. (2022). Rancangan Sistem Informasi Gaji Karyawan. Proceedings of the Informatics Conference, 8(15), 16-19. Retrieved from https://ojs.journals.unisel.edu.my/index.php/icf/article/view/146



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