Perbandingan Sistem Operasi Windows Dengan Sistem Operasi Linux


  • Nabil Fikri Winaji Budi Luhur University
  • Krisna Adhiyarta


Linux Operating System, Operating System Comparison, Windows Operating System


Operating Systems are four components that must not be absent for Information Systems. For companies that have implemented a computerized system as part of the company's operational support, must pay attention to what Operating Systems are good for the company. Including the advantages and company budget for Information Technology. To get a good Operating System in accordance with office needs, a comparison of the Windows Operating System and Linux Operating System. The results of the comparison of these two Operating Systems can be input for deciding which Operating System is suitable according to user needs.



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Winaji, N. F., & Adhiyarta, K. (2022). Perbandingan Sistem Operasi Windows Dengan Sistem Operasi Linux. Proceedings of the Informatics Conference, 8(15), 20-27. Retrieved from



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