Studi Pustaka: Pengenalan Ekspresi Wajah Menggunakan Artificial Neural Networks


  • Agustani Bustami Universitas Budi Luhur


facial expression recognition, artificial neural networks, pattern recognition, digital image processing, computer vision


Automatic facial expression recognition (FER) is an important component of human-computer interaction, aiming to make suppose (or conclusions) about the affective state (feeling), emotional expression, level of pain, etc. of a human’s face image. Various models of Artificial Neural Networks have been widely used in the process of recognizing facial expressions especially in its role as a classifier in producing output or classification of facial expressions. Deep Neural Networks especially Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and its development can be the first choice classifier in facial expression recognition. Differences in the use of datasets, even for the same pair of feature extraction and classification methods can provide different levels of accuracy of facial expression recognition.




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