Kajian Pustaka: Sistem Identifikasi Berdasarkan Pengenalan Iris (Iris Recognition) dalam Pemrosesan Gambar Digital


  • Cynthia Diana Sinaulan
  • Setyawan Widyarto Unisel


Purpose: The paper aims to review iris recognition literatures in the respect of verifying person. The verification application could be related to activities of opening the door, checking the attendance, logining the computer, acessing the documents. That activities require the right person identity verification Background: Technology of digital image processing is increasing rapidly and has made human life easier. The digital mage processing is an image processing technique that converts the input image into another image so that the output has better quality and meets any required specifications for further process. The needs to prove an individual is the owner of the identity on the machine and system must be confirmed with 100% accuracy.
Design/Methodology/Approach: The method that can be used to identify an individual's identity is biometric identification. The biometric identification helps to increase a computer system security and has replaced the use of a keyword or password as the passwords can be easily hacked. Iris recognition is one accurate method of biometric recognition systems. It is also ideal and more stable for the eyes as the iris is protected by the cornea and safe placed in the front side of a skull. Results/Findings: The iris recognition is used in some active research such as, image acquisition, restoration, compression, segmentation and quality assessment. Conclusion and Implications: A lot of research utilizes the technology of digital image processing to identify people based on iris recognition. However, some shortcomings of this method may be uncomfort for the users with glasses, contact lenses, veil, as well as alcohol drinkers.


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