Research on Quantitative in Automation Software Testing


  • Fajar Setiady Universitas Budi Luhur


software testing, automation, software tester, software


Good quality software is defects-free software from defects, bugs or faults. Testing is needed to produce good quality software, either manual testing or automation. The selection of the right test must be based on the right method and technique so that the level of accuracy of the resulting test is quite high. Software testing can help developers find errors in each software before it is used by the user (live to production), so understanding each quality metric is important. Automation testing is an option to minimize human error when testing. Software testers can use scripts to execute automation test programs and can perform these tests repeatedly. Automation testing can also help software testers perform software testing in a large number of projects and short project deadlines. There are two methods in software testing: manual testing and automation testing. And there are 3 techniques, for example, white box testing, black box testing and grey box testing. The methods and the techniques have their own advantages and deficiencies.


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