Aplikasi Web Sentimen Analisis Komentar Media Sosial


  • Setyawan Widyarto
  • Desti Destiansari Budi Luhur University


Sentiment Analysis, Social Media Comments, Web Application


Nowadays more and more business actors, both large companies and retail are switching or developing business in the digital direction. In business, websites and social media usually only work for introducing and marketing products to consumers. Though many other things can be obtained through websites and social media are like patterns of consumer sentiment towards a product. Sentiment Analysis is a technique of extracting text data to obtain information about positive, neutral sentiment or negative. Sentiment analysis is an assessment or personal opinion posted by internet users on social media. But currently, there is no application that can carry out the process of analyzing social media sentiment as well as showing word cloud dynamically. This study aims to develop an application that is able to perform social media sentiment analysis with output in the form of a chart of the number of sentiments positive/negative/neutral and word cloud, where machine learning polarity is used as a classification method.



How to Cite

Widyarto, S., & Destiansari, D. (2022). Aplikasi Web Sentimen Analisis Komentar Media Sosial. Proceedings of the Informatics Conference, 8(15), 5-10. Retrieved from https://ojs.journals.unisel.edu.my/index.php/icf/article/view/139



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