International Multidisciplinary Postgraduate Conference 2022

14 December 2022 (subject to change)



09.30 a.m

Chairman’s Greeting

09.40 a.m

Welcome Speech

10.00 a.m

Opening Speech

10.30 am-11.30 am


Assoc Prof Dr. Nik Mohd Afizan Nik Abd Rahman

Universiti Putra Malaysia

Title: Multidisciplinary in Sciences for Sustainability

11.30 am-12.30 pm


Assoc Prof Dr. Razwana Begum

Singapore University of Social Science

Title: Ethics in Multidisciplinary Research for Sustainability




Presentation Room 1

02.30 pm

Yati Ashikin Binti Abdul Wahab

A Study on Factors That Affecting Infant Mortality in Peninsular Malaysia

02.50 pm

Siti Nor Baizura Zawawi

Optimal Sizing of Capacitor in Distribution System

03.10 pm

Noor Asiah Binti Hassan

Conception as mediator in the relationship between Learning-centered leadership and assessment practice of Malaysian lecturers

03.30 pm

Fariha Diyana Awang Ali

The Students’ Perception On The Implementation Of Online Collaborative Learning In Esl Writing Class

03.50 pm

Nabawiya Khamis Al Masuudi

Challenges of Using E-Books among Grades 9 and 10 Public School Students in Oman

04.10 pm

Vikneswaran Kajendran

Gig-Independent Workers’ Intrinsic Motivation for Continuous Engagement

5.00 pm