The Teaching Model of National Music Culture in School Music Education from the Perspective of the “One Belt, One Road” Strategy

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Mohamed Ayob Sukani


My country's traditional national music culture is a shining star in the cultural and historical corridor of our country. The current "One Belt, One Road" strategy has strengthened multilateral cooperation between China and countries around the world, and the impact of the wave of diversification in the new era has brought severe challenges to the spread of my country's traditional ethnic folk music culture. To improving the overall communication quality of my country's national music culture at this stage is an important issue faced by current school music education. Based on this, we systematically discuss the importance of promoting my country's traditional music culture from the perspective of the "One Belt and One Road" initiative. On this basis, we analyse the important value of the inheritance of national and folk music culture in my country's school music education. Finally, combined with the previous article, this paper discusses the current teaching practices of school music teaching in my country and proposes optimisation strategies for the teaching model of national music culture in school music education from the perspective of the "One Belt, One Road" strategy.

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Education and Social Sciences