CSFs Towards Successful ERP Implementation: A Conceptual Model

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Marina Hassan
Azlinda Abdul Aziz
Nur Syufiza Ahmad Shukor


Effectiveness and efficiency of enterprise resource planning (ERP) execution is depending on the organization implementation. Every company that embarks on ERP execution will definitely hope that the execution will be success and effective. The concept of critical success factors (CSFs) early emerged in 1961. Many studies have been conducted in order to analyze on the most CSFs. Few only intended directly to focus on organizational performance. A conceptual model will be developed to show the relationship between all the selected CSFs towards organizational performance in making sure the successful of ERP implementation in the organization. Systematic Literature Review (SLR) has been done in order to gain the CSFs. CSFs gains will be list and traceability matrix table will be produced in developed the conceptual model.  Pilot study has been conducted to proof the conceptual model suggested. A questionnaire was distributed to 30 industry respondents. Results from this questionnaire survey than will demonstrate either the CSFs is really affecting the successful execution of ERP in organizational performance or fail to successfully execute the ERP. This paper proposes specific CSFs that influence directly to ERP execution success towards organizational performance. 

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