Quality Teaching Constructs in Digital Media Art Education : Student Perspective

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Zhao Jing
Mohamed Ayob Sukani
Rina Abdul Shukor


The study aims to analyze the current understanding of Digital Media Art among Chinese university students, as well as the current status of professional courses and teaching, from the perspective of student satisfaction. A total of 1,200 students majoring in digital media art Visual communication animation from 5 colleges of art and design in 3 Chinese provinces (Guangdong, Shanxi and Hubei) were surveyed, to investigate and study the cognition degree of digital media art, the learning situation of professional courses and the satisfaction degree of professional courses, some 300 questionnaires were collected from the Visual Communication Department of the Zhongshan College of Electronic Technology. This study aims to conduct research from the perspectives of quality theory, teaching theory, digital art theory, multiple intelligence theory, ecological theory, etc., to demonstrate the theoretical basis for constructing a quality education system for Digital Media Art majors.Based on these theories, a undergraduate teaching and training plan for Digital Media Art majors in universities will be designed, laying a theoretical and practical foundation for the development and teaching practice of school-based Digital Media Art courses in universities.

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