Anxiety Disorder and its Impact on Internal Motivation, Self-Depletion and Academic Procrastination among University Students

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Syed Lamsah Syed Chear
Chen Wei


The life quality and mental state of people in China have changed a lot with economic development. Recent study by Gao et al.  (2020) reported that the overall depression prevalence among Chinese university students was still relatively high.   The objective of the study is to determine the relationship between level of anxiety disorder (the symptoms) as an independent variable on students’ internal motivation, self-depletion, and procrastination as the dependent variable.  This study was conducted at Beijing Union University (BUU), China. The study involves a total of 200 students from 15 colleges.  It was found that the level of students’ awareness about anxiety disorder is at a low level which can be interpreted as students are not aware about their mental health condition.  The level of  internal motivation and academic procrastination among the students is considered as moderate, and at moderate low for self-control. An increase in the hardness of anxiety disorder will slightly increase self-depletion among the students; and will influence academic procrastination at a very low level. The current findings highlight the crucial roles of the lecturers knowledge, skills, and attitudes  as a counter measure when dealing with anxiety disorder among the students.  

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