Impact of ISO 21001 Educational Organization Management System on Business Performance of Private Higher Education Providers in Malaysia. nil

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Tuck Kian Looi
Salina Muhamad
Nur Fatin Nabilah Shahrom


This qualitative research investigates the impact of ISO 21001 Educational Organization Management System (EOMS) implementation on the business performance of private higher education providers (PHEPs) in Malaysia. The study used semi-structured interview to examine the implications of ISO 21001 EOMS adoption by private universities and/or colleges on student enrolment, the smoothness of the MQA accreditation process, and staff satisfaction level. Seventeen informants were purposively sampled from four PHEPs in Malaysia that are already certified to the ISO 21001 standard to provide insights into these impacts. The findings of this study reveal a substantial positive impact of ISO 21001 EOMS on key business performance indicators. Firstly, ISO 21001 EOMS had positive influence on student enrolment. Secondly, the alignment between ISO 21001 and Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) accreditation criteria streamlines the accreditation process, easing the certified institutions to comply with the accreditation requirements. Lastly, the study uncovers a positive correlation between ISO 21001 EOMS implementation and the principles of the Job Characteristics Model (JCM) contributing to the staff satisfaction level indirectly improve the institution’s operational efficiency and quality of services to related stakeholders.  Recommendation for further research and potential areas for improvement are also discussed.

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Education and Social Sciences