The Role of Records Management Practices in Promoting Good Governance in Malaysia: A Conceptual Framework

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Norhaida Hanim Ahmad Tajudin
Nur Syufiza Ahmad Shukor
Mohd Zaidi Mohd Hajazi


Abstract: Record management is a crucial component that must be carried out to promote good governance practices, as there are numerous criminal issues highlighted in the public sector, such as corruption, fraud, and record falsification. As a result, the public develops negative perceptions and arguments about the public sector’s performance in its capacity as an authority with a mandate from the people to promote morality in national governance and protect the rights of the people. Previous research reveals that accountability, transparency, and effective service delivery are prioritized over other elements. Therefore, this study proposes a conceptual framework for record management that incorporates these key elements of professionalism, accountability, transparency, and effective service delivery in Malaysia’s public sector, which is significant to support the National Archives of Malaysia Strategic Plan 2021-2025 and the National Good Governance Plan (My Government) to empower record management as a key component of achieving good governance practice in the public sector.

Keywords: Records management practices, Accountability, Effective service delivery, Transparency, Good governance, Professionalism

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