Building Bridges: Assessment Skills as a Mediator in the Relationship between Professional Learning and Attitude Toward Assessment among Malaysian University Lecturers.

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Noor Asiah Hassan
Nor Hasnida Che Md Ghazali
Rodiah Mohd Hassan
Siti Hawa Mohd Yusoff
Yati Ashikin Abdul Wahab


This study addresses the crucial relationship between professional learning (PL), assessment skills (AS), and the attitudes of Malaysian lecturers towards assessment practices (ATAP) grounded in Guskey's Model of Teacher Change (2002). By exploring the intermediary role of AS, the research aims to enhance our understanding of the intricate dynamics that influence lecturers' perspectives on assessment. The predominant goal is to provide valuable insights for optimizing professional learning initiatives to positively shape AS and improve the attitude toward assessment among Malaysian lecturers. Employing a quantitative methodology, the study utilizes Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) and SPSS version 26.0 for data analysis. The study encompasses 400 lecturers from various Malaysian universities, selected through a multistage sampling technique. These participants completed a comprehensive questionnaire gauging their perspectives on professional learning, assessment skills, and the attitudes toward assessment. SEM AMOS version 24.0 analysis was employed to examine both the direct and indirect relationships between the variables. The outcomes reveal that AS serves as a partial mediator in the association between PL and ATAP. The ATAP construct accounts for 45% of the total explained variance by PL and AS. These findings carry substantial implications for educational institutions and policymakers. 

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Education and Social Sciences