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Proceedings of the Informatics Conference

ISSN: 2477-5894

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Postgraduate Research Symposium November 2018

The objective of this symposium is to support postgraduate students as they prepare their formal thesis proposals for presentation and approval. This is conducted through a program of workshops organised around issues in thinking, reading and writing about research design and practice.

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Proceedings of UNISEL Bestari Research Projects (UBRP) 2016

ISBN: 978-983-3757-29-9

The proceedings is the compilation of Unisel Bestari Research Projects (UBRP) 2016 papers. It consists of seven (7) sections and provides an opportunity for the audience to engage with academic papers that were yielded from UNISEL Bestari Grant in 2016. The hardcopy and open access is available upon request by informing us by email (a small fee may apply).

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