Mesir dan Hubungan Awal dengan Masyarakat Melayu

Abu Hanifah Haris, Mohammad Redzuan Othman


Egypt has a close connection with the Malay community, especially since they embraced Islam. After that, the Malays began to know Egypt as the land of prophets such as Yusuf, Musa and Harun, as well as the story of the oppressive ruler like fir’aun and greedy tycoon like Qarun which happen in Egypt as found in the Quran. According to Hikayat Hang Tuah, Hang Tuah and his group believed to had stopped in Egypt for three months as a guest of the Egyptian leader. The study employs library research method by analyze a variety of primary and secondary sources. This study shows that the Egyptian had initial contact with the Malay in the political, trade and education aspects. In the political aspect, initial contact with the Egypt can be seen when the Malay leader used the title 'Malik' after converting to Islam like the leader of the Mamluk Dynasty in Egypt. In the trade aspect, initial contacts with the Egypt can be seen through trade relations with Egypt during the reign of the Ayyubiyyah and Mamluk Dynasty. In the education aspect, initial contact with the Egypt can be seen through the arrival of Egyptian ulama’ to the Malay World, especially in Aceh which became the center of Muslim intellectual activity in the Malay World since the 16th century. By the late 19th century, Egypt became the destination of the Malay students to further their studies after graduating from Makkah.


Mesir; Melayu; Universiti al-Azhar

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