Ummah antara Ideal Keagamaan dan Realiti Kehidupan: Menelusuri 4 Dekad Terakhir (1974-2014) Perkembangan Islam Sedunia

Mohamad Abu Bakar


The upsurge in religiosity among Muslims worldwide has yet to be translated into concrete Islamic life and tradition commensurate with Islam's status as an ideal religion. Four decades have passed since they were enamoured of religious idealism arising from their belief in Islam as a way of life and a solution to many of their problems, but until now they remain mired in endless troubles which have sapped their energy and stymied their growth as people moulded by Koranic injunctions and Hadith exhortations. Muslims who profess a strong belief in their destiny, rising to the challenges of modernity on the occasion of 15th century Hijrah, instead have been condemned all rounds, as jihadists or terrorists or the like. Islamphobia has spawned hatred of Islam as never before. It also speaks volumes about the so-called clash of civilization which now has pitted Muslims against' others.


Islam; perkembangan Islam; ummah; Islamphobia

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