Vol 2, No 1 (2018)

Selangor Science & Technology Review

Table of Contents

Article (Science)

Aplikasi Pengaturcaraan Gol bagi Penstrukturan Yuran Fakulti
Hasnur Hidayah Kamaruddin, Wan Rosmanira Ismail
Screening and Identification of Thermostable Amylase-Producing Bacteria from Selayang and Hulu Langat Hot Springs, Selangor
Moohamad Ropaning Sulong
Sensory and Physico-chemical Evaluation of Soft-centered chocolate with banana filling and collagen
Rodiah Mohd Hassan, Nurul Ain Hasani, Nurul Ashikin Khalil
Perceived Indoor Climate And Building-Related Illnesses Among Staff At Universiti Selangor Shah Alam Campus
Mohammad Adam Adman, Sahrul Kassim, Mohd Amir Arshad, Mohd Zubairy Shamsudin, Mohd Jamalil Azam Mustafa

Article (Engineering)

Car Tracking System Based On GPS and Image Transmission
Hazim Faisal Abdelwahid Elsayed, Chek Ming Ting
Energy Efficiency Analysis and Financial Assessment at Faculty of Engineering, UNISEL
Rajendran Sinnadurai

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