Screening and Identification of Thermostable Amylase-Producing Bacteria from Selayang and Hulu Langat Hot Springs, Selangor

Moohamad Ropaning Sulong


Thermophilic amylase-producing bacteria were isolated from water sample from Hulu Langat and Selayang hot springs at 70°C and 50°C, respectively. A total of 25 bacterial isolates, 10 from Hulu Langat and 15 from Selayang, were successfully isolated. Qualitative amylase test demonstrated 7 isolates were amylase positive that able to form clear zone around bacterial colonies grown on Nutrient Agar plates supplemented with 2% (w/v) starch. Quantitative amylase assay using DNS method indicated sample 05 of Selayang and sample 07 of Hulu Langat hot springs produced highest amylase activity. Furthermore, morphological and biochemical studies including catalase, oxidase and oxygen requirement, indicated both samples were characteristically similar to the genus Bacillus sp.


Amylase, Hot spring, Thermostable, Bacillus sp.


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