About the Journal

Research Update is a platform from the Centre for Graduate Studies (CGS), Unisel for students, researchers, proffesionals, scholars and  industries to share and update their research works, findings and technology. We use OJS PKP, version: The latest OJS PKP version at the moment is (April 30, 2020).


The event is one of Postgraduate Research Symposium Series and will provide students with meaningful feedbacks from reviewers, provide participants with training in specific research skills by professionals and update auidences with the current technology in industries. It is also a forum for discussion of current research that is being conducted in research interest groups and clusters.

The event is designed to facilitate virtual and physical discussion in a supportive and friendly environment. It is intended as a means of maintaining a research community and providing a regular point of social contact with peers, professionals throughout postgraduate studies. It will function as a primary source of communication of information from experienced postgraduate colleagues, from members of staff, from professionals and industries about opportunities, developments within the centre and administrative matters relevant to the particpants.

For more information on this event please email the Dean of CGS Assoc.Prof.Dr. Setyawan Widyarto.


All members of postgradute students, staff and the CGS Unisel allies/partners are welcome to attend. Staff will often be part of the panels and roundtable discussions. The skills and training events are open only to active students from the CGS, but all other sessions are open to all participants

Event content

 The format of the event widely through several days or a few weeks, offering a mixture of postgraduate presentations, virtual discussion fora, and skills workshops webinar, including:

  • presentation of work-in-progress
  • practice conference papers and posters
  • skills training
  • technology update
  • career and networking collaboraions
  • social activities
  • Q&A sessions