A Conceptual Paper: Data Testing Model for Distributed Database

  • Md Aminul Islam computing department, faculty of communication, visual art and computing, Unisel
Keywords: Big Data, Data analysis, Data testing


PurposeMost of data is in Inaccurate measurement of data testing among the distributed system. Most of companies and organizations are giving many kinds of services to their clients through its data analysis after building big data. Also, needs to variety of services by analyzing the data given by the open data portal. But it has not yet been properly defined to build process for proper data collection with accuracy and data testing through data analysis, and use the standard software development methodology for data testing system.

Background: The technological advancements that in the future a majority of data will be produced and shared by machines, as machines communication with each other using data networks. Appropriate data processing and management could discover new understanding, and facilitate in responding to more opportunities and challenges in a timely manner. However, the growth of data in volumes in the modern world looks to out speed the advance of the many existent computing substructure. Founded data processing technologies, as an example database and data warehouse are becoming insufficient given the amount of data the world is current producing. The huge amount of data needs to be analyzed in frequent. With the availability of big data analyzing technologies (e.g. NoSQL Databases, MapReduce, Hadoop), insights can be better attained to enable in developing business strategies and the decision-making process in critical sectors.

Design/Methodology/Approach: There are two types of study, exploration and evolution study. In explorative study, not much studies has been done before in that area. In evolutionary study, lots of researches have been done and the future result of investigations appear based on previous studies. Such as research on Big data analysis. The process of data analysis may involve “preparing the data for analysis, conducting different analyses, moving deeper and deeper into understanding the data, representing the data, and making an interpretation of the larger meaning of the data”

Results/Findings: This study updates knowledgeabkout to Identify the components involve in the data testing especially in solving the security issues. To develop data testing models for distributed database. To examine the proposed testing models with the available distributed databases in controlled studies.

Conclusion and Implications:  The research has been carried out for academic purpose only, but also can help many company to make their decision. The concept of both big data testing and analysis is broad area of research; due to the increase importance both topics has attracted scholarly attention nowadays. There has also been a lack of research studies. It is really important to use those researches finding from the existing knowledge house to understand and explore the overall subject and object. When this paper will completed also it will be very helpful for researcher.

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