Konsep Paper: Komunikasi Perhubungan Awam Dalam Krisis Kebakaran Hutan dan Tanah di Wilayah Riau: Satu Kajian Kes (Public Relations Communication in the Forest and Land Fire Crisis in Riau Region: A Case Study

  • Nurul Huda Universiti Selangor
Keywords: Communication, Public relations, Corporate communication, HTI, Forest fire crisis


Purpose: The purpose of this study to identify the communication methods and actions used by Company Arara Abadi Public Relations (PR) in terms of forest and land fire in near as well as in the area of the company as well as determining the communication strategy that must be used by companies in dealing with obstacles encountered in the prevention, control and recovery of companies, especially in the mass media.

Background: For years fires have always occurred in Riau Province, various prevention and handling efforts have been carried out, starting with persuasive ways to communicate, to legal action, but fires always occur. On the other hand, there are fires that are done intentionally and some are accidentally (as a result of a fire jump) from a nearby fire. Arara Abadi Company which is engaged in land management and forestry business (Industrial Plantation Forest/HTI) is the one that receives the impact of the fire both intentionally (by the claimant) and the impact of the leaping of the burning land next to it. While on the other hand the public and the media never want to understand always accusing and negative perceptions of the company that HTI companies are the ones who burn the land. And that is a crisis that must be faced by PR.

Design/Methodology/Approach: This study is a descriptive qualitative study with case studies, using primary and secondary data and data collection methods through direct observation of spaciousness, interviews with the selection of informants as well as gathering documents related to research.

Results/Findings: The results of this study will later update knowledge about the causes of why forest and land fire disasters always occur in Riau-Indonesia, maybe in addition to natural factors (weather) but more dominant are human factors, and how the functions and responsibilities of companies engaged in the management of Industrial Plantation Forest (HTI) land facing a crisis or catastrophic forest and land fire. The contribution of this research is also to find out what communication strategy method should be used by HTI Company Public Relations to communicate to the public and mass media on the roles and responsibilities of HTI companies.

Conclusion and Implications: Regarding practical significance, this research will be useful for the Company's Public Relations and their Organizations, especially relating to the field of communication in dealing with disasters or corporate crises, especially crises or fire disasters to companies engaged in forest and land management issues of forest and land fires, both company-owned land and party-owned land other parties adjacent to the company's land. For practical contributions, this study will help companies and the government and other stakeholders in dealing with land and forest fires that have always occurred almost every year in Riau, which requires a significant amount of funds, which has cross-border impacts (Malaysia & Singapore) . Even though if it is communicated and handled well and coordinated and also understands the main problem, then the forest and land fires might be minimized.


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