A Method Paper: A Quality Model for Web-based Student Integrated Applications for Public Universities

  • Nur Razia Mohd Suradi Universiti Selangor
Keywords: academic application, quality model, Rasch measurement model,, web-based quality model


Purpose: This study intends to investigate the quality attributes of web-based applications for the academic environment. The study focuses on a web-based integrated student assessment application (WBISA) or known as iCGPA as a case study. A set of suitable quality attributes are identified and later used to propose a quality model for WBISA.

Background: An academic application is developed generally for two main categories, namely in-house development or commercial. Both applications need to fulfill as a quality product to ensure they satisfy the users acceptance. Normally, the academic application is developed in a short period of time and little consideration in quality aspects. They are more focused on retrieving and processing information. However, there are limited studies on the framework or quality model focusing on web-based academic systems. The research aims at addressing the related issues in integrating web-based aspect and quality model in software engineering.s

Design/Methodology/Approach: The study involves collecting quantitative data from the respondents.  The population is  Public Universities (PU) users of web-based academic systems and are chosen based on their university category.  The sample is taken from Faculty which implementing iCGPA. Here, cluster sampling is used to conduct the study from the respondents. A survey which consists of eight constructs (Usability, Reliability, Efficiency, Functionality, Supportability, Availability, Security and Integrity) and a total of sixty-two items are designed and distributed to the targeted respondents using email and also face-to-face medium. Sixty-five respondents successfully responded in full and returned their answers.

Results/Findings: The data collected from the survey are analysed using statistical test analysis known as Rasch Measurement Model. Results of Summary of  Fit Statistics on item reliability (0.89) and person reliability (0.97) indicates good targeting and good reliability. The Cronbach alpha value is 0.97 indicates high reliability. Based on the result, the proposed model is developed for WBISA.  Expert reviews are conducted to seek the feedback regarding the proposed model.

Conclusion and Implications:  The expert review feedbacks are analysed to re-check the proposed model produced. The feedback contains additional or removal characteristics, if any. Finally, the proposed model is put forth.

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