A Conceptual Paper: Practice and Problems of Knowledge Sharing Management in Oman Universities

  • Mohsin Alzadjali Unisel
Keywords: Knowledge sharing (KS), Universities, Oman, Organizations


Purpose : The main objective of this study is to explore knowledge sharing practice and problems among academics in universities in Oman to enhance knowledge sharing culture which might enhance it’s ranking in the global world. Through  investigating the status and nature of knowledge sharing  and identifying the motives of universities in sharing or not sharing knowledge. In addition to that  to explore the factors that influence knowledge sharing in universities in Oman and  identifying the current tools and techniques used for knowledge sharing.

Background : The field of knowledge sharing is relatively new, it became very important in today’s work environment and in any organization.The importance of knowledge for the development of organizations globally took attention in the late 1990s,the flow of data and information between the employees is a vital process for any firm to carry out the designated mission. The world economic and information management age urges the organizations and higher education providers to adopt knowledge sharing practice in order to enhance knowledge creation and knowledge distribution .Universities are knowledge-based organizations and have a significant role in creating, transferring and disseminating knowledge through researches. Despite of  the importance of the role of knowledge and the need for this knowledge to be shared effectively, very few researches shed light on the nature of knowledge sharing, practice and problems of knowledge sharing in universities and higher education providers in Oman. Therfore this investigation aimed to explore practices and problems of knowledge sharing in Oman universities .

Design/Methodology/Approach : A qualitative method approach used in this study would be focusing on academics and librarians in universities in Oman. Data would be collected by using survey questionnaires and interviews. The quantitative data would be analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science or any similar package to produce descriptive statistics, similarly the qualitative data would be analyzed and presented through narration.

Results/Findings : This study is expected to add to the field of knowledge sharing (KS) in Oman in general and in Omani universities in specific, as there are very few researches carried out  in Oman in the field of knowledge sharing . This research is expected to add some essential  knowledge which would help to enhancing knowledge sharing culture in the universities which might enhance it’s ranking in the global world. The result of the data collected for the  study will be presented in this part . Data will be shown , in the form of charts, graphs  ,and  tables as appropriate and required  for a better  Interpretation and discussion.

Conclusion and Implications : Conclusions of the study will be drawn in this part ,the results  will be analysed and interpreted for better comprehension .At this point the researcher will also put some recommendations for the improvement of the  under study foundations , based on the findings of the study and some recommendations  for future study and investigation.


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